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  • Powerful Parenting Academy Modules- $1297 Value

    Use the secret behind the 4 Pillar Blueprint™ to master each stage of building a powerful foundation for your children’s future! Access 5 training modules that will transform your family and business life and give you certainty, clarity and the path to raise your children- WHILE building your business!

  • Easy Character Curriculum for Busy Parents- BONUS when you buy now! $200 Value

    Easy curriculum for busy moms like you! Train your children in character…in 15 minutes or less a day with our special resources: Character Traits List, The Always Incomplete Resource Guide, Steps to Clean the Kitchen Guide , Words of Praise, and 5 Character Study Guides on Responsibility, Initiative, Orderliness, Attentiveness and Honor.

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Here is What You Get in the 5 Powerful Parenting Modules ($1,297 Value):

Power Up Videos

  • You'll easily learn the secret principles behind the mind of a Powerful Parent, so you can see your children with new eyes of possibility.
  • You'll create achievable and measurable goals for your family.
  • You’ll also quickly learn the EASIEST system to solving ALL your parenting problems by asking just ONE simple question, so that you can stop the overwhelm and simplify the parenting process to this simple system (this is always a highlight for parents- it makes parenting SO SIMPLE).

Module 1: Awesome Family Blueprint

Next, we'll jump into the Awesome Family Blueprint and you'll:

  • Establish a healthy and powerful family culture and vision, so you can have a sense of purpose and direction as a family!
  • Identify your new family core values you will live by, so your children will be influenced by YOUR new family culture, and everyone will be on the same page.
  • Learn exactly how to host and use a weekly family meeting as your power tool to hold each other accountable, have fun and connect.

Module 2: Powerful and Confident Children

Next, you’ll learn how to give your children the most powerful strength they could have- the strength of CHARACTER- in just 15 minutes a day. As soon as you learn how to easily implement character training- with my system that nobody else has, you’ll children will become unrecognizable.

  • You’ll learn exactly what to say to teach your children to be more responsible and organized.


  • You’ll find the secret character trait so everyone will get along, without yelling or nagging.


  • Your children will do better in school and get better grades.
  • Help your children develop higher self confidence.

Module 3: Totally Well Rounded Kids

Who doesn’t love a well rounded kid? That’s right. In this module, you’ll learn to use chores to grow your child’s character and life skills easily, so they can adapt to their environment with ease. In this module, learn your role as Coach, Mentor and Trainer to your children and how to easily know when to be what.

  • How to teach manners simply.
  • Know what and when to delegate tasks to your children.
  • Learn EXACTLY what is required to  propel leadership in your children.

So your children can get along with anyone… from a waiter at a restaurant to a full level executive, your child will be able to keep a conversation going with confidence, because he/she is willing to learn and has a series of well rounded experience that WILL IMPRESS ANY ADULT TODAY. People won’t believe how “smart” your child is, because they’ll see all the skills your child has and how resourceful he/she is.

Module 4: Happy and Connected Family

In this module, you’ll learn the foundation of an emotionally healthy home and exactly what your children need from you to be stable and happy, so you can connect with your children with effective and inspiring methods. In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn how to create connection and how to re-establish connection when it’s lost, so you can be a family that enjoys being with each other, a family that laughs for fun and who is supportive, encouraging and beaming with unconditional love.


  • Learn to create an environment where your children can happily grow to be themselves, fully confident and fully alive.
  • Learn how to become a stable parent by using my Catch and Release System (that nobody else has) to heal any childhood blocks, anger and impatience that are affecting your children.
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The Easy Character Curriculum for Busy Parents ($200 Retail)

It includes all this:

Always Incomplete Resource Guide to Character

Do you ever wish you could find great books, movies or audios for your children? Search no more! With the Always Incomplete Resource Guide to Character, you'll be able to find amazing resources to support your children's character and leadership skills. They'll enjoy reading Little Britches and learning about "the spirit of the law." Your family will love watching Akeelah and the Bee and learning about perseverance, diligence and dedication. This resource will be your unconditional partner for summer reading, winter break and year round enrichment.

Character Traits

Did you know there are over 50 character traits? No worries, now you will! With the Character Traits list included in this bonus package, you'll learn the definition for each positive character trait and you'll identify the negative trait that mismatches it. When your children learn these traits, they'll easily and effortlessly act better and manage themselves from the inside out. This list is a life saver to guide your children into becoming children of character.

Words of Praise

I'm convinced the #1 lack in our culture today is lack of encouragement and lack of identity in our culture. This list will be beyond the cute "great job!" and "well done!" This list of words of praise will support you in connecting with your children emotionally through words that get right to their heart and soul. Print this list, laminate it and put it in your refrigerator so your entire family will learn how to edify one another from the heart.

Basic Kit Character Resource Guide

I am well aware that a character program has to be easy, sustainable and good for all ages. That is why I've given you everything you need to succeed, including a set of 5 character resource guides including: HONOR, INITIATIVE, RESPONSIBILITY, ORDERLINESS, ATTENTIVENESS. Each 2 sided printable guide will give you exactly what you need to say and teach character, so your children can master each character trait easily and effortlessly. In no time, you'll begin to see how much more respectful, kind and peaceful your children are. You'll also notice how much more obedient they are and how quickly they pick up after themselves with just 5-15 minutes a day. There is no need to figure things out on your own- it's all here!

What Others Are Saying:

You have been an INCREDIBLE source of encouragement to me!!! Your information and knowledge has been so helpful!


Shirley, this training video is sooooo helpful!...Talked with boys today about doing some more chores and they are really excited to help. I'm going to focus on one room at a time. We are going to work in the kitchen, then the bathroom and then laundry. My boys are excited to help out! I'm looking forward to working together and having a little more help keeping the house up. Thanks Shirley Solis!

LaToya Edwards

Thank you for the discipline tips Shirley! I can't wait to watch this video again with the hubby! Last night's class was awesome!

Jacqueline L.

Just to let you know that working as a team has helped my daughter and I a lot. Much less "burning love" driving me crazy and making me loose it easily. Less fuzz and more effectiveness. Thank you Shirley!

Roxana V.

Shirley, as always you are blessing my socks off! Thank you so much for this course. It comes at a GREAT time for our family. You are such a wonderful example for all of us!

Cassie G.

Initiative...what a positive way of putting that they do the thinking. Great things are happening and much freedom in it. Thank you so much!

Jennifer C.

Just listened to your workshop Shirley. I especially thank you for the amazing questions in the workbook and all the bonuses!

Christine B.

So appreciated last night's class. I am learning SO much and this time of learning has helped my business tremendously too. Thank you Shirley for offering this wonderful program to us all.

Kim K.

I help you put two and two together...all of these resources have a calendar to help you use them little by little...no overwhelm and no stress!

There will be plenty of support for you to learn how to properly raise your kids! By the end of the four weeks, if you apply what you are learning, you will not only see a cleaner house, but you will be overjoyed with peace and rest as you see your family beginning to work together and getting along with each other. In essence, your family will do a one-eighty (180) turn! This program is perfect if you have children 0-18.

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