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Hey Mom and Dad,

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

 “Will I do a good job raising my children?”

Will I be able to give them all the skills to make it in this rough world? How will I be able to teach them to be emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy (if I'm such a mess)? What will they do if they are offered drugs? How will I make sure they don't hang out with the wrong crowd? Will they be happy? Will they be ready for life? Will we get along when they are older? What will I do when they fail... or worse... when I realize I failed them for not raising them right?

These are tough questions to ask, but we MUST face them… otherwise, our kids will grow up before we know it and life would have raised them like a vine without a lead.


When I embraced my child for the first time, 19 years ago, I had no idea there would be SO  many things I had to learn to become a "good" parent.

I still remember how difficult it was learning to be firm... but not dictatorially firm... loving, but not over indulging... protective, but not over-protective and the list goes on and on...

As I look back, I wish someone would have taught me how to raise powerful and amazing children.

And I am sure if you are reading this, you want to learn how to raise the absolute best children possible, for their own good.

Having emotionally healthy adults is every parent's goal, but FEW parents actually know how to accomplish this. WHY? Because nobody taught us.

Ironically, healthy parenting and relationships are the key to life, yet no college teach it and we lack the information to carry it out. Most of us grew up in dysfunctional homes and lack the right upbringing and confidence to break the old and broken patterns of parenting.

"Old School" parenting just doesn't work anymore- "My Way or the Highway" only gets children to jump ship, leave the home early and it causes a huge emotional disconnect in the parent to child relationship. "New School" parenting is much more loving, but has created children without discipline and without care for the world. Can I hear an "Amen"?

These scary and mismatched methods of raising children have created a world crisis where parents have lost all authority and influence over their children! In fact, here is what our parenting surveys say are the most popular things parents are dealing with (and are not able to solve):

  • Children don't listen and ignore you
  • There is constant fighting and sibling rivalry
  • Children are being lazy and sit around playing video games
  • Backtalk and disrespect
  • Anger and aggression
  • ... All while moms and dads are yelling and screaming like raving lunatics

These results were surveyed with over 500 families and you can be the judge if they are true in the days and nights of your weekdays and weekends. Are your days full of stress and chaos? Do you lose all patience, only to react like a madman (or madwoman) and wonder how it's possible that you end up hurting those who you love the most?

If you are like the parents I've worked with... you've tried EVERYTHING. You've read every book, asked every teacher and "expert," and you've even gone to almighty Google in search of answers. If you are like the parents I've worked with... you've lost hope and are certain that the pressures of our society are stronger than you and you've learned to settle and accept the backtalk, disrespect, and chaos. If you are like the parents I've worked with, you've given up.

But there is hope and there is an answer that will work for you.

I want to invite you to dream about what your family could actually be like-

A family that loves each other, honors each other, lives with integrity, is united and gets along. A family that lives with transparency, helping each other, lifting each other up- a family that is there for each other when times are tough. A family that brings so much joy to your heart that it bursts with love and delights the very essence of your soul and spirit. 

These families are far and few between, but THEY ARE POSSIBLE and with my support you will accomplish this- THIS IS MY PROMISE AND MY MISSION IN LIFE.

I've created Powerful Parenting Academy to support you in accomplishing your parenting goals.

I GUARANTEE, if you apply what I will teach you, you will enjoy the benefits of increased confidence in your parenting skills and better yet, you will enjoy the delights of a happy and peaceful family.

Powerful Parenting Academy will absolutely transform the way you are parenting and training your children, even if your parenting is already "good!"

If you are surviving, you will become stable- you will have certainty. If you are stable, you will THRIVE!

You will take your family to the next level and you'll experience joy, peace, harmony and delight!

It is time you finally enjoy the much needed rest you deserve, because it's time for your family to live as a family and contribute in the home by doing their chores, helping around the house and learning to take responsibility for themselves.

It is time for you to learn how to build ties so strong THAT NOTHING CAN TEAR YOUR FAMILY APART- not drugs, not alcohol, not broken sexuality, not bullying, not family feuds, not disrespect, NOT ANYTHING!!

Introducing... Powerful Parenting Academy

This program is VIRTUAL so I can help you wherever you are in the
world! Perfect for All Ages!

This the ONLY program created to help you become a powerful and confident parent with specific, step-by-step instructions to get you and your spouse on the same page, to help you teach character in 15 minutes a day or less, so that not only can you overcome the current problems you are facing, but you’ll also guarantee your child’s future success with an environment of GROWTH that includes life skills, chores and emotional health to make sure your child grows up happy and emotionally healthy.

This is how you’ll become a powerful parent! This is where you’ll find YOUR POWER!

This program is different because it’s the only program that helps a child grow to his or her best version of himself or herself, by empowering the parents through a proven system of 4 simple, yet powerful pillars to make the daunting task of parenting into a simple process in the next 60 days. We understand you’ve been dealing with these issues for a long time, that’s why we have a system where you’ll see quick turn around in 60 days or less!


  • If you want to get rid of the nagging, yelling, disrespect, backtalk and sibling rivalry.
  • If you want to learn EXACTLY what works to give your children the BEST chance of success!
  • If you want to create a strong foundation of EMOTIONAL HEALTH, and CHARACTER centered around family.

Then this program is for you!

Everything I am offering you is a winning combination!
PLAIN AND SIMPLE- Here is all you get:

Private Member's Area: Powerful Parenting Headquarters

As soon as you register, you’ll be given a username and password to our exclusive member’s area, aka as the Powerful Parent Headquarters (Every superhero has a secret lair and we believe SUPERHERO PARENTS needs their secret lair too!). Once inside, you’ll start with the official activation video that will guide you through the site and there's a special video just for dads : ) Everything is simply laid out for you to avoid overwhelm and support you in taking action. We’ve made it all VERY simple. You’ll immediately start learning step by step lessons to become a powerful parent today. 

Private Community Forum

It is always best when we can use a community environment to learn from one another. In this forum, you’ll be able to learn from other family’s struggles and successes. What works for others and how you can apply it to your family. This will prove to be one of your best resources!

Powerful Parenting Workbook

Your learning is prone to go deeper with the Powerful Parenting workbook and all the exercises and tips inside it! This is THE most complete parenting workbook in the market. You can print one for each parent and make the learning more exciting!

8 Weeks of Intensive Parenting Boot-Camp

In the training, you'll get 5 weekly online module (to be covered in 60 days).  I'll teach you to simply and quickly implement:

  • No more laying down the law or "my way or the highway" strategies that don't work!
  • Responsibility, inner discipline, initiative, obedience and strong habits in each of your kids
  • Simple “tools” that will make all the difference, so your hands are not tied
  • Establishing a healthy and powerful family culture and vision to move your family forward and help you relax
  • Detailed plan of action to get your entire family doing chores...happily!
  • How to pick resources to help you build character and how to use them
  • How to use chores and work to build character in your kids and the step by step way to train them to do chores
  • How to find the reason why you get stressed out or angry with them and how to completely stop those negative emotions once and for all!
  • The Easy ABC's and 123's of training and discipline- what to do and what NOT to do!
  • Develop a strong mission and vision for your family and start setting goals that will propel your family forward
  • Get a firm understanding of the emotional needs of your child, while you heal the wounds caused by your parents
  • And this is just the TIP of the iceberg!!!! Read on...

Here is What You Get in the 5 Powerful Parenting Modules:

Power Up Videos

  • You'll easily learn the secret principles behind the mind of a Powerful Parent, so you can see your children with new eyes of possibility.
  • You'll create achievable and measurable goals for your family.
  • You’ll also quickly learn the EASIEST system to solving ALL your parenting problems by asking just ONE simple question, so that you can stop the overwhelm and simplify the parenting process to this simple system (this is always a highlight for parents- it makes parenting SO SIMPLE).

Module 1: Awesome Family Blueprint

Next, we'll jump into the Awesome Family Blueprint and you'll:

  • Establish a healthy and powerful family culture and vision, so you can have a sense of purpose and direction as a family!
  • Identify your new family core values you will live by, so your children will be influenced by YOUR new family culture, and everyone will be on the same page.
  • Learn exactly how to host and use a weekly family meeting as your power tool to hold each other accountable, have fun and connect.

Module 2: Powerful and Confident Children

Next, you’ll learn how to give your children the most powerful strength they could have- the strength of CHARACTER- in just 15 minutes a day. As soon as you learn how to easily implement character training- with my system that nobody else has, you’ll children will become unrecognizable.

  • You’ll learn exactly what to say to teach your children to be more responsible and organized.

  • You’ll find the secret character trait so everyone will get along, without yelling or nagging.

  • Your children will do better in school and get better grades.

  • Help your children develop higher self confidence.

Module 3: Totally Well Rounded Kids

Who doesn’t love a well rounded kid? That’s right. In this module, you’ll learn to use chores to grow your child’s character and life skills easily, so they can adapt to their environment with ease. In this module, learn your role as Coach, Mentor and Trainer to your children and how to easily know when to be what.

  • How to teach manners simply.
  • Know what and when to delegate tasks to your children.
  • Learn EXACTLY what is required to  propel leadership in your children.

So your children can get along with anyone… from a waiter at a restaurant to a full level executive, your child will be able to keep a conversation going with confidence, because he/she is willing to learn and has a series of well rounded experience that WILL IMPRESS ANY ADULT TODAY. People won’t believe how “smart” your child is, because they’ll see all the skills your child has and how resourceful he/she is.

Module 4: Happy and Connected Family

In this module, you’ll learn the foundation of an emotionally healthy home and exactly what your children need from you to be stable and happy, so you can connect with your children with effective and inspiring methods. In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn how to create connection and how to re-establish connection when it’s lost, so you can be a family that enjoys being with each other, a family that laughs for fun and who is supportive, encouraging and beaming with unconditional love.

  • Learn to create an environment where your children can happily grow to be themselves, fully confident and fully alive.
  • Learn how to become a stable parent by using my Catch and Release System (that nobody else has) to heal any childhood blocks, anger and impatience that are affecting your children.

Just think… if you get your children to FINALLY LISTEN to you WOULD IT BE WORTH IT?

If I could help you STOP YELLING and nagging WOULD IT BE WORTH IT?

If your children finally stopped fighting WOULD IT BE WORTH IT?

Just think... If not now, when? If you don’t TAKE ACTION NOW, when will it be a good time. Time will just pass you by and before you know it, your children will be grown and it could be too late. For all you know, you could have done things differently, but by then it’s too late.

And honestly, this is THE most complete and best parenting program available today. There is no other program like it in the world. We have used state of the art software to get you the best experience possible. You are going to love it!

This program has a retail price of $997 with one year access. At $997, it's clearly a great investment, considering the value and the results it will provide for you and your children.

The decision is easy, because for just $997, your family can enjoy all the benefits of living with peace, joy, certainty and a bright future ahead. Really… that’s a small price to pay for a compelling future for your children, with 1 year access, that’s right.

But, I have a parenting offer for you... read on...

Get the Easy Character Curriculum for Busy Parents ($200 Retail)

It includes all this:

Always Incomplete Resource Guide to Character

Do you ever wish you could find great books, movies or audios for your children? Search no more! With the Always Incomplete Resource Guide to Character, you'll be able to find amazing resources to support your children's character and leadership skills. They'll enjoy reading Little Britches and learning about "the spirit of the law." Your family will love watching Akeelah and the Bee and learning about perseverance, diligence and dedication. This resource will be your unconditional partner for summer reading, winter break and year round enrichment.

Character Traits

Did you know there are over 50 character traits? No worries, now you will! With the Character Traits list included in this bonus package, you'll learn the definition for each positive character trait and you'll identify the negative trait that mismatches it. When your children learn these traits, they'll easily and effortlessly act better and manage themselves from the inside out. This list is a life saver to guide your children into becoming children of character.

Words of Praise

I'm convinced the #1 lack in our culture today is lack of encouragement and lack of identity in our culture. This list will be beyond the cute "great job!" and "well done!" This list of words of praise will support you in connecting with your children emotionally through words that get right to their heart and soul. Print this list, laminate it and put it in your refrigerator so your entire family will learn how to edify one another from the heart.

Basic Kit Character Resource Guide

I am well aware that a character program has to be easy, sustainable and good for all ages. That is why I've given you everything you need to succeed, including a set of 5 character resource guides including: HONOR, INITIATIVE, RESPONSIBILITY, ORDERLINESS, ATTENTIVENESS. Each 2 sided printable guide will give you exactly what you need to say and teach character, so your children can master each character trait easily and effortlessly. In no time, you'll begin to see how much more respectful, kind and peaceful your children are. You'll also notice how much more obedient they are and how quickly they pick up after themselves with just 5-15 minutes a day. There is no need to figure things out on your own- it's all here!

So, here's what I got- This is all normally $1197, but because we are in Beta and because I'm truly grateful for my life and what these resources have been able to do for other parents like you... You can start Powerful Parenting Academy TODAY for 3 payments of $184. So imagine, for just $184 you can get started today into raising your children the Powerful Parenting way. This offer is for LIMITED TIME ONLY and could go up at any moment!!! (In fact, we are due to increase it any day now because of the results and demand we are getting).

Who is this Special Training for?

  • Parents who want to win the heart of their children because they recognize that a heart to heart connection brings joy, happiness, peace and harmony to family life.
  • Parents who are determined to raise children of character and strong work ethics because they understand how crucial this is in a person’s life and in today’s world.
  • Parents who absolutely know their family is here to impact the world in a very unique way through a ministry, business or idea.
  • Parents who love their children enough to improve their own emotional health, because they know their own upbringing may not have been the best and know very little of how to raise emotionally healthy children, who understand boundaries, emotional stages of development and ways to heal the heart.
  • Parents who are ready to take action, and know that time keeps passing by and our children are not getting any younger, and that without a solid plan for the family, we will never be able to accomplish what God has put us here to do.

Who is this Special Training not for?

  • Parents who are happy with having “good” kids.
  • Parents who have surrendered to the “way things are” and feel there is no hope for their family or their future.

No more fighting uphill battles or feeling like your back is against the wall when trying to raise your children!

These are the Principles  ALL SUCCESSFUL parents know and do to raise up a loving and strong family.

  • You will learn valuable principles so that YOU TOO can have a strong relationship with your children, so they will respect you, obey you and honor you.
  • You will learn proactive ways to build up character in their life, so that they will be responsible for themselves and would in turn help around the house and in due time, contribute to making our society better.
  • You will learn what an emotional adult looks like, so that YOU can transform and then you can teach your children to take care of their emotional health.
  • You will learn to set goals for your family and define your family culture and purpose- crucial things that 99.9% of families don't do...and pay dearly because they don't!

What Will Happen Inside this Program?

You will build a solid family vision and mission so that you will create an amazing family culture.

You will learn how to implement character and strong work ethics seamlessly into your schedule.

You will have support and a strong community to propel you into your family destiny.

You will heal your parenting heart from childhood wounds and beliefs that are keeping you from being the best parent you can be.

There aren't many times in life where someone truly shows you the way. This is your chance! I am going to walk you through every single principle, step-by-step, so you know exactly WHAT to do,
WHEN to do it and HOW to do it.

I help you put two and two together...all of these resources have a calendar to help you use them little by little...no overwhelm and no stress!

There will be plenty of support for you to learn how to properly raise your kids! By the end of the four weeks, if you apply what you are learning, you will not only see a cleaner house, but you will be overjoyed with peace and rest as you see your family beginning to work together and getting along with each other. In essence, your family will do a one-eighty (180) turn! This program is perfect if you have children 0-18.

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

This program is unlike anything you have seen before...my main goal is to give you the best of what I have learned and over deliver in every promise I make to you. You really are taking no risk by buying now, because the risk is on me...if you are not fully satisfied, I refund your money within 60 days.

What Others Are Saying:

Officially Endorsed by Youtube Family from Reality Changers, Jorge and Nancy Narvaez

I found myself trying to force my children to obey and consider others. After listening and implementing the principles learned in this program, our days are smoother and I feel like I am actually focusing on the most important thing…character!

L. Holley, Kansas City, MS

My daughter and I were very impressed with your children. She couldn’t believe that your son was running the cash register on his own. They were so well behaved and it is apparent it’s not only outward. They have such confidence and peacefulness about them. You have such a gift for speaking. Your content, as well as your style is a pleasure to listen to. You were very organized and clear and that helps everyone to follow and learn.

T. Diaz, Florida

You have been an INCREDIBLE source of encouragement to me!!! Your information and knowledge has been so helpful!


Shirley, this training video is sooooo helpful!...Talked with boys today about doing some more chores and they are really excited to help. I'm going to focus on one room at a time. We are going to work in the kitchen, then the bathroom and then laundry. My boys are excited to help out! I'm looking forward to working together and having a little more help keeping the house up. Thanks Shirley Solis!

LaToya Edwards

Thank you for the discipline tips Shirley! I can't wait to watch this video again with the hubby! Last night's class was awesome!

Jacqueline L.

Just to let you know that working as a team has helped my daughter and I a lot. Much less "burning love" driving me crazy and making me loose it easily. Less fuzz and more effectiveness. Thank you Shirley!

Roxana V.

Shirley, as always you are blessing my socks off! Thank you so much for this course. It comes at a GREAT time for our family. You and your family are such a wonderful example for all of us!

Cassie G.

Initiative...what a positive way of putting that they do the thinking. Great things are happening and much freedom in it. Thank you so much!

Jennifer C.

Just listened to your workshop Shirley. I especially thank you for your PDF! We are always in search for "character" type books. So nice to have it all on a list too!

Christine B.

So appreciated last night's class. I am learning SO much and this time of learning has helped our time of learning at home greatly this week. Thank you Shirley for offering this wonderful class to us all.

Kim K.

Just think...how much would 1 hour with a counselor cost to resolve JUST ONE of these issues? (bad behavior, struggling relationships, teen rebellion, terrible two’s, messy kids)

Or better yet, how much would you pay for sanity and peace of mind to know your children are
each doing their part in the family?

What price would you put to breathing an atmosphere of peace in your home, where everyone
gets along and resolves conflicts painlessly?

Honestly, I think sanity and peace in the home are priceless!
Knowing my children have a strong foundation in character is priceless as well!

That is why I wanted to make this course affordable enough so EVERYONE who is serious
about improving their relationship with their children and is serious about developing character
with them could join us. This Won't Cost You an Arm and a Leg...Oh no!

For all the things I mentioned above, the price of the course TODAY ONLY is $497

Need a Payment Plan? Take Advantage of the 3 Pay Option!

There are no hidden costs, that's it! I will be teaching you EVERYTHING I KNOW about raising responsible,
well mannered, diligent, grateful and loving children. It has literally taken me 23
years to learn all that I am going to share with you and much of what you will learn will save you
lots of headaches in the future!

Your Kids are Worth It

The lessons in Powerful Parenting Academy have provided results to thousands around the United States and now they are made available to you in a premium package that includes 5 intensive teaching modules, so you will have all the tools you need to raise responsible, respectful and confident children.

So, What do you say? Are YOU Ready to Build a Strong Family?
Click on the Yes, I Want to Join button and
START building a Powerful and Amazing Family Today!

Looking Forward to Supporting You!

P.S. If you don't take action now, I can't guarantee the same price or a spot in the future...which means you'll have to continue to deal with the same 'ol, same 'ol... For Pete's sake, don't keep testing the waters with faulty parenting techniques. THESE ARE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR LIFE! You only have a few years to do this right and when they are gone, they are gone! If you don't act now, the bigger they are, the harder they fall... What are you waiting for? Join me now!