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Why You Should Teach Your Child About Business

Our children, Gus Jr., Nick and Alexis, were 10, 8 and 7 respectively when they started working with us in our family business, Lifetime Books and Gifts. Feet dangling in the air, Alexis and Nick helped in the tall cash registers, as Gus Jr. priced books.

With a taste for business, it didn't take long for them to realize they wanted to be in business for themselves.

Therefore, my husband helped them buy their first set of wholesale toys (with money they had made working for us) and they were in business- officially!!

The entrepreneurial bug got a hold of them and they were soon asking us for a larger section of our booth to sell marshmallow guns and foam swords, because they knew they would make more money faster. Of course, we couldn't refuse them, but I must say we were tempted to charge them rent- but we didn't.

Since then, the boys have worked in the following businesses: garage sales, picnic table sales (building them from scratch), selling honey and eggs, Ebay business from things around the house (that I approved), dog sitting, candy sales, and a few other things I can’t remember now…but you get the point!

As a result, they’ve developed strong self-confidence, valuable people skills, a good sense of the value of money, as well as important character qualities, such as persistence, dedication, excellence, commitment, diligence, and more!


Think about it... When your child sells candy, dog sits, shovels snow, etc., he/she has the potential to learn these valuable lessons:

  • develop strong confidence so he is able to speak with others without fear.
  • develop strong character qualities and a healthy sense of responsibility that will guarantee a successful future in any profession or business he chooses
  • learn valuable lessons about money that will ensure a debt free life
  • learn how to re-invest money, as opposed to spend it all
  • learn how to use his creativity to make money (this is what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did)
  • learn how to use his strengths to find what he could easily sell or create

And this can easily be accomplished when your child starts a small business!!

We've Come to the Rescue!


The Youngpreneur Program

I know you want your child to develop important personal, financial, and business skills for his future; Therefore, Alexis has created THE YOUNGPRENEUR PROGRAM.

This program is specifically made for children ages 7 to 16 who want to learn how to start their own business, be successful at it, and actually make money too! Every child starts a business, but few persist long enough to make money and learn those valuable lessons (just like adults). You can't afford to let your child learn these lessons when they are adults- IF YOUR CHILD LEARNS THESE NOW, YOU WILL SAVE THEM VALUABLE TIME WHEN OLDER!

In this program, your child will learn:

  • How to identify their gifts so they can pick a product or service to sell that fits their personality
  • How to become confident and get more sales when approaching customers- even though they are young
  • What is marketing/sales and how to use it to sell their product
  • How to stand out when trying to be better than the competition- how to set their product apart
  • How to manage money and persist in business!
  • How to sell products online using Ebay and other safe local apps- with stuff you have around the house (that you don't want, of course)
  • How to price a product or service so people will buy
  • How to package a product so it sells

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When You Enroll Your Child in the Youngpreneur Program, Your Child Will Have Access to:

3 Weekly Online Trainings with Q&A Time

  • 1

    Basic Skills of a Youngpreneur

    In this first lesson, your child/teen will learn basic skill sets that a youngpreneur needs. These skills include choosing a product or a service to sell, finding ways to fund the business and finding companies that sell wholesale items (of course they will learn what wholesale is).

  • 2

    Marketing Your Youngpreneur Business

    In this training, children/teens will learn about ways to package and present the product to the customers, and find a market to sell to. They will also learn how to be set apart from the competition.

  • 3

    Learning About an Online Business

    Children/teens will learn how to use the internet (social media and Ebay) to promote and sell their product or service. With step by step instructions, Alexis will show you how to set up your product and get good ratings. Children will also learn about customer service and how to handle returns.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Look What Other People Had to Say...

I just wanted to say you and your boys did a great job on the webinar we watched! And Lucas signed up for the course and the coaching! We are excited. I think the thing you did best was to *inspire.* It has been so fun listening to the ideas he is having already just from having watched the webinar. He is at the perfect stage for this learning!

Jessie Lucas , Vivacious Mama

I just wanted to thank you for the program that you and your boys have put together. It really motivated my son to take his business ideas to the next level. This has been such a great opportunity for him to see himself in a different light - a success, an independent thinker, an entrepreneur.

P. A. , Mom

Alexis and Nick Solis were featured as the entrepreneurs of the month because of their Ebay business!

Young Entrepreneurs of the Month, Homeschool Kidpreneur Co

Plus, Choose the Group Coaching and Give Your Child the Extra Edge!

Do you want your child to have an unfair advantage? Add the group coaching option to their Youngpreneur Program! In this program, children/teens will be in a group with no more than 10 children who are leaders and want to really apply what they are learning. This group will serve as an accountability program and will meet for a total of 5 times to answer any questions your child is facing in starting their business. Alexis will email you to schedule the 1-1 call.

When they join the coaching, your children will:

  • Learn to receive and give input in business (the concept of a mastermind group) at a young age!!!!
  • Get mentored by Alexis Solis so your children can be successful
  • Get held accountable in their progress, so you are not stressing out with helping them
  • Get email access to Alexis Solis for technical or marketing questions

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Here's What You Get When You Join Today:

  • 3 Training Videos to Jumpstart a Youngpreneur Business

    Weekly videos help your child make constant progress in their business.

  • Q&A Time

    In the Facebook Group for the program, your child will be able to ask questions about their growing business!

  • Insider Tips on How to Launch an Ebay Business

    Many people have tried to sell on Ebay and other sites but few people have ever actually sold one item. Alexis will show you how they generated consistent income month after month (selling household things, drop shipping items, and selling recipes!)

  • 1-1 Coaching (Add On Bonus Today!)

    By joining the coaching, your children will have weekly accountability and one on one attention so you are not stressing out over their new enterprise. Let Alexis handle the motivation, ideas and challenges!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can all the children in my family take this program for this low price?

    Absolutely! We want families to grow together, so if you have 1 or 19 children, they can all join on the fun and learn the wonderful skills of business!

  • Is there a scheduled beginning date?

    All the basic sessions are pre-recorded, so your children can watch the trainings at a time that fits your schedule. The coaching sessions are done LIVE and scheduled at your convenience.

  • Is there one video or multiple videos?

    The Youngpreneur Program includes 3 training sessions; in other words, there are 3 separate videos included in your member’s area. The optional group coaching sessions are 3 separate sessions done LIVE.

  • Can I get this anytime?

    Enrollment for this program is not open all the time. We choose 2 times a year that we offer it and you are fortunate enough to find open enrollment now, so take advantage of it right away!

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